All parents imagine raising happy, resilient, talkative children. 

But you don’t leave the hospital with a step-by-step guide for learning how to get your baby talking and playing, how to respond to their big emotions, support their sleep, and help them eat intuitively.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed!

We're here to take the guesswork out for you and put you at ease! My holistic approach focuses on using attachment, connection and evidence-based strategies to support your family's needs. I can't wait to meet you and your child!

a certified speech-language pathologist, feeding therapist, lactation counselor, sleep specialist, & postpartum doula.

Hi, I'm Nadda!

it takes two & It begins with you.

We believe

Connect. play. Talk

 Helping families & children with their speech, language, feeding, & sleep needs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, & Queens. Right in their own homes!

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The Toucan Grow class taught me things about my baby that the pediatrician doesn't have time to explain. Nadda gave us parents more than information. She helped me step back and reflect on the ways I interact with my baby and how I influence her development. She showed me the power of language, and the ways to foster communication, emotional health, and positive relationships. She gave us a safe space to check our assumptions and misconceptions, talk about personal struggles and discover how much we had in common. From societal pressures we're up against to the joys of play. Nadda offers a rich experience of knowledge and community to those who are open and ready to grow with their child. 

"It would take hours of talking to a pediatrician to get what nadda gave us in an hour."


Sam is so happy when he hears Nadda will be visiting us to play. We are so grateful to have had her support, both for us as parents and for Sam's speech and language development. Most notably, we learned to be more patient with ourselves and understanding that not all children learn and communicate in the same way. Nadda exhibited a great ability to connect with Sam, which is not easy. She genuinely has a passion for wanting to help her families improve and it was visible in every session she had with us!

"Nadda holds tremendous value to our family."


Nadda is an incredibly kind coach, she was able to help me rethink our organization around self care. Nadda gave me useful tools to manage sleep and separation anxiety with my toddler. She took a lot of time to really understand us. 

"Your support has been very valuable to us"

Trinidad S.

Since working with Nadda, AJ's communication continues to progress immensely. She showed us how to maximize everyday activities and playtime to facilitate more communication with him. Additionally, she taught us to figure out different ways to connect with him and inspire communication based on specific things he was motivated by. This continues to be the foundation of how we interact with him daily and it has reaped benefits. As she grew to learn our son, she knew what challenges he may bring to us as parents and helped us with ways to cope and improve.

"Nadda is empathetic, Kind and curious about how our son sees the world."



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