Is your child having difficulty communicating? 

How frustrating is it when your child points and you're left guessing what they want for what feels like hours on end? 

Do they understand everything you're saying, but communicate with gestures, grunts and vocalizations? 

Are they shaking their head enthusiastically as if to answer "yes" or "no" but aren't using words?  

Do they have difficulty pointing to simple body parts, common items, or pictures when you ask?

Help your child meet their communication Milestones


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Learn how to follow your child’s lead to boost their confidence and encourage them to communicate!

Add language to interactions with your child to help build their understanding and use language when they're ready!

Feel empowered as you become your child's guide! I'll teach you step-by-step, practical evidence-based strategies to help you help your child learn language naturally through everyday interactions, routines and play!

Understand your child's stage of communication and identify goals to help your child reach their next milestone!

Discover what motivates your child to interact with you so you’ll know how to get interactions started and keep conversations going!

When you choose speech therapy,
 you will...

Research shows children with language delays make the most progress when parents are involved in the intervention. You're the most important people in your child's life and have the strongest relationship with them. With the support and guidance from a speech therapist, you'll learn strategies you can use in everyday activities, routines and play with your child. 

You may be using some or all of these strategies already! The goal will be to use them more consistently so your child can learn to communicate from every interaction they have with you!

What happens in

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speech therapy?


 1-Hour In-Person or Video Individual Therapy Session

Session notes & Strategies provided


30-Minute In-Person or Video Individual Therapy Session

Typically Provided 2x/week

Session notes & Strategies provided


Comprehensive Assessment 

 1-2 Hours In-Person or Video Assessment

Comprehensive Report provided 2-4 Weeks after assessment


Informal Assessment 

 45-Minute In-Person or Video Assessment 

Session notes including recommendations, goals, & strategies




The Toucan Grow class taught me things about my baby that the pediatrician doesn't have time to explain. Nadda gave us parents more than information. She helped me step back and reflect on the ways I interact with my baby and how I influence her development. She showed me the power of language, and the ways to foster communication, emotional health, and positive relationships. She gave us a safe space to check our assumptions and misconceptions, talk about personal struggles and discover how much we had in common. From societal pressures we're up against to the joys of play. Nadda offers a rich experience of knowledge and community to those who are open and ready to grow with their child. 

"It would take hours of talking to a pediatrician to get what nadda gave us in an hour."


Sam is so happy when he hears Nadda will be visiting us to play. We are so grateful to have had her support, both for us as parents and for Sam's speech and language development. Most notably, we learned to be more patient with ourselves and understanding that not all children learn and communicate in the same way. Nadda exhibited a great ability to connect with Sam, which is not easy. She genuinely has a passion for wanting to help her families improve and it was visible in every session she had with us!

"Nadda holds tremendous value to our family."


At this time, I am an out-of-network provider. Payment is due when you sign up for coaching. You can make payments using our secure payment portal options. 

In order to know if your child has a delay we gather information in a number of ways. Typically, parents are asked to fill out forms or checklists that share information about your child's communication. (e.g., "How does your child let you know she wants something?"). A speech language pathologist will also gather information while observing your child's play with a parent. There are a number of assessment tools that are helpful in determining if there's a communication delay. We determine how your child is communicating and compare it to what is typically expected at a particular age. This helps make the decision about whether or not your child's language development is delayed. Schedule an assessment today if you are concerned about your child may have a language delay! 

I work with parents of children birth - 3 years with language delays and late talkers. A child whose language is delayed may not be using any words, but may be communicating by looking, pointing, reaching, etc.. They may be using one word or sign at a time, putting two or three words together, and/or they may be having difficulty following directions. A late talker appears to have all the skills necessary for expressive language development but are behind when compared to their peers. They have relatively good understanding, play, social, motor and cognitive skills, but a vocabulary of less than 24 words by 20 months and  less than 50 words by 24 months. If you have a child older than 3 years exhibiting these challenges and you are concerned, please don't hesitate to contact me! 

It's impossible for anyone to predict too far into the future, especially when children are involved, because there are many things that contribute to a child's development. What we will do together is focus on HOW and WHY your child is communicating right now. I will teach you practical strategies to help you help your child meet their communication goals, improve their interactions, and their confidence! 

Yes, I do provide evaluations. If you're interested in scheduling an assessment contact to me today! I look forward to speaking with you.

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If you're concerned about your child's speech and language development and want to help your baby meet their communication milestones, I'm here to help.


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