Virtual Preschool 

Little Lemons 

Hi! We're your Little Lemons teachers! 
Ms. Arielle (AR-EE-L) & Ms. Nadda (NED-uh) 

We are TWO licensed speech-language pathologist bringing you virtual preschool into your homes! I'm an early intervention SLP who has taught the littlest of littles in the preschool and home setting and Arielle is a mama of an 18-month old daughter, and pediatric SLP who has worked in the PreK setting for 6+ years! Together we make an incredible duo. 

We've made it our mission to help YOU figure out how to continue engaging your toddlers play, curiosity, learning, and friendships so you can feel confident and excited about “school” during the pandemic.

We can't wait to connect with you and meet you soon! 

Connect & Learn Online!  


You'll have an intimate small group of children (less than 15) to develop close peer connections.

Weekly PDF handouts shared with you to extend each theme at home! Includes vocabulary, songs, sensory play, home activities, and book recommendations! 

Feel confident in supporting your child's learning. We'll help you help them meeting their milestones, connect with peers and foster their social-emotional relationships (Yes, virtually!). 

A weekly thematic curriculum that is creative, engaging, and interactive; designed to enhance your child's learning.

When you choose Little Lemons...

+ Meet 3x/week on T/W/TH
10:15 - 10:45 AM

+ Weekly themed interactive lessons & activities

 + Weekly handouts to extend each theme at home

NOV/DEC: $450/month

2 - 3 year olds

+ Meet 2x/week on T/TH
9:30 - 10 AM EST

+ Weekly themed interactive lessons & activities

 + Weekly handouts to extend each theme at home

NOV/DEC: $300/month


Young 2s

Little Lemons is available monthly! 

Packages & Pricing 

Little Lemons Virtual Preschool

The Toucan Grow class taught me things about my baby that the pediatrician doesn't have time to explain. Nadda gave us parents more than information. She helped me step back and reflect on the ways I interact with my baby and how I influence her development. She showed me the power of language, and the ways to foster communication, emotional health, and positive relationships. She gave us a safe space to check our assumptions and misconceptions, talk about personal struggles and discover how much we had in common. From societal pressures we're up against to the joys of play. Nadda offers a rich experience of knowledge and community to those who are open and ready to grow with their child. 

"It would take hours of talking to a pediatrician to get what nadda gave us in an hour."


Sam is so happy when he hears Nadda will be visiting us to play. We are so grateful to have had her support, both for us as parents and for Sam's speech and language development. Most notably, we learned to be more patient with ourselves and understanding that not all children learn and communicate in the same way. Nadda exhibited a great ability to connect with Sam, which is not easy. She genuinely has a passion for wanting to help her families improve and it was visible in every session she had with us!

"Nadda holds tremendous value to our family."


Classes begin after Labor Day Weekend! On Sept. 8th, 9th, and 10th. You can purchase classes monthly. 

Yes! The majority of our parent interest for virtual preschool was for children 2-3 years so that is what we created our Little Lemons school for. But our curriculum is appropriate for children ages 2-4 years. If you have an older toddler and would like to sign them up, we'd love to have you!

Yes! If you have 2 kids you'd like to sign up, we will offer you a 50% off discount for your second registration. You can contact me directly and I'll send you a coupon code! 

Currently, each class will be 30 minutes long for both age groups! 

Yes! We welcome all families interested in participating in Little Lemons. Our class is inclusive and accepting of all children. We have been very mindful of our curriculum to make it engaging and interactive and low pressure for every child. You will also be by child's side facilitating their interactions and participation during class. You also have two certified speech-language pathologists with you each week, we're here to support you :) 

I'm ready to sign up! 


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