Connect, Play, Talk in Preschool
And/OR Speech Therapy! 

Are you wondering how you can help your child meet their milestones when you're both home all day? 

Do you need fresh new activity ideas to keep your child engaged and interested in learning? 

Is your child having difficulty communicating and you're looking for ways to understand and nurture their development?

Are you looking for one-on-one support to enhance your child's communication?

ARE you ready to become a Tuned-in parent of a CONFIDENT Child?

Hey Mama,
We've got work
to do!

Help your child connect with intimate group of friends to foster close peer interactions - yes, virtually!

Enhance your child's learning through an interactive and engaging thematic curriculum

Have handouts sent directly to your inbox to help you extend each week's theme. Simple & fun!  

Understand how your child communicates and learn practical strategies to help them meet their communication milestones

Turn everyday routines and play into fun, joyful opportunities for language learning

Connect and interact with your child in new ways, even in moments of discipline

Imagine if you could...

It takes two to talk! And it begins with YOU! With the right support, you can make a big difference in your baby or toddler's confidence and communication. I know you can do this and I'm here to guide you and provide you with the tools you need. 

The Power OF TWO 

Wanna see if we're a good fit?

The Toucan Grow class taught me things about my baby that the pediatrician doesn't have time to explain. Nadda gave us parents more than information. She helped me step back and reflect on the ways I interact with my baby and how I influence her development. She showed me the power of language, and the ways to foster communication, emotional health, and positive relationships. She gave us a safe space to check our assumptions and misconceptions, talk about personal struggles and discover how much we had in common. From societal pressures we're up against to the joys of play. Nadda offers a rich experience of knowledge and community to those who are open and ready to grow with their child. 

"It would take hours of talking to a pediatrician to get what nadda gave us in an hour."


Sam is so happy when he hears Nadda will be visiting us to play. We are so grateful to have had her support, both for us as parents and for Sam's speech and language development. Most notably, we learned to be more patient with ourselves and understanding that not all children learn and communicate in the same way. Nadda exhibited a great ability to connect with Sam, which is not easy. She genuinely has a passion for wanting to help her families improve and it was visible in every session she had with us!

"Nadda holds tremendous value to our family."


In our initial consultation we will discuss your concerns and I'll answer any questions you have about your child's development, parent coaching, or my class offerings. If you're interested in working together, I'll share some forms with you to fill out and we will schedule our first session. Or you can choose to register for a Toucan Grow class if classes are open for enrollment! 

At this time I am an out-of-network provider for speech therapy and parent coaching clients. 

The families I work with are parents of infants and toddlers birth - 3 years. Parent coaching is for all parents who would like individualized hands-on support in creating a more peaceful, drama-free home. Speech therapy is for parents who have children with language delays or are late talkers. Toucan grow classes are for ALL parents and children beginning from 6 weeks-36 months. Check out each page for more details. Or schedule a consultation today!  

I don't have a brick and mortar practice. But I do offer in-home visits and in-person group classes in Northern Virginia.

I offer both in-home and virtual face-to-face parent coaching, speech therapy and parent + child classes. When you choose to participate in parent coaching or speech therapy with me AND you live locally, home visits are a wonderful option! Why? It allows us to collaborate using play and natural day-to-day routines to foster language. It also offers many opportunities to practice and discuss strategies for you to learn so that'll you be comfortable and confident using them when I am not with you! Contact me today to schedule your consultation!

Wanna see if we're a good fit?


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